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Our harvesting operations in Southwest Virginia extract primarily sandstone quartzite materials for residential and commercial building and landscape applications.

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone usually comprised of sand-size grains of quartz ​and feldspar, rock fragments, and fossil matter compacted over time and cemented together by silica or iron oxides. A process that takes thousands of years for wind or water to re-deposit these minerals and matter, compress them layer upon layer, and lithify (cement) them forming a homogeneous mass.

Due to the hardness of its individual grains and the uniformity of its grain size, sandstone is tough yet relatively easy to break and shape making it an ideal building material. Surprisingly, the surface of this grain-based rock is smooth to the touch. Further metamorphism of pure quartz-based sandstone results in quartzite. In addition to slight changes in color and an even stronger bond forming between

minerals, matter, and silica; quartzite also differs by the fact that fracturing in sandstone occurs along the cementing material between the grain​ particles while fracturing in quartzite occurs across the actual grains.

Our sandstone quartzite materials range in color from light grays and tans, to browns and golds. The natural coloring in our natural stone runs throughout and is element enduring.​

Supplying a range of color affords our customers the ability to use natural building stone in various design applications from traditional and rustic, to contemporary and modern.

Building Materials offered direct from our company owned/operated harvesting operations: