building stone products to Builders, Developers,
Garden Centers, Homeowners, and Landscapers
locally and nation wide.  

Our natural building stone products are harvested
picked and plucked) from the beautiful country
hillsides of Southwest Virginia. Nature supplies our
harvesting operation with quartzite sandstone that is
noted for its hardness, its unusually smooth surface,
and its wide range of natural coloring including: Grays,
Tans, Browns, Purples, Reds, Golds, and Black Pepper.

Our variety of color, shape, size, and thickness gives
our customers the freedom to create unique, custom,
and durable features without having to settle for the
limitations of man-made, imitation stone molds.

Our natural stone is suitable for a variety of building,
landscaping, and architectural enhancement
applications.  Building facades, Outdoor Living Areas,
and dramatic water features are just some of the
endless possibilities  .For ideas and inspiration, visit
Idea Gallery
The Natural Approach
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As the awareness of "Build Responsibly" and the
increasing demand for sustainable products continues
to grow, our
Company Store in Bristol, Virginia works  
to expand its offerings of natural building stone,
landscape materials, and other rustic elements to
builders, designers, homeowners, and landscapers for
the purpose of naturally enhancing

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Whatever you do, do it
with all your might. Work
at it, early and late, in not
leaving a stone unturned,
and never deferring for a
single hour that which can
be done just as well now.
               P. T. Barnum
Statement of the Art