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Mulches and Soils

Loose Bulk Mulches

The bucket on our front end loader serves up a full yard of Mulch Material. One scoop is approx. 27cuft which is equal to 13-14 2cuft bags.

One scoop should cover approx. 100 sqft (5' x 20') when spread 3" deep.

Boulder Base Mulch

Ground tree trimmings, aged for several months, processed through a grinder and piled high. Fines to chips consistency with sticks and bark pieces visible. A great mulch for initial base layer for areas away from inhabited structures. Great for moisture retention around trees and shrubs, hillsides, etc. Cover trails to keep mud down or add protective cushion to playground areas.

Double Ground Hardwood

Fines to Fibrous strips. Medium to Dark Brown. Aged and ground bark hardwood. Great smell. Great consistency. Will matte to help prevent weeds and retain moisture. Nourishes plantings, clings to sloped ground, and looks good while it's working -a win, win. This is our most popular bulk mulch. It looks its best in early Spring.

Color Dyed Mulch

A liquid pigment is added to double ground hardwood bark mulch(Black and Brown Dyed Mulch) or wood chip and hardwood bark mix(Red Dyed Mulch) to create color -enhanced mulches. The wood chips for the Red Mulch are derived from pallet material, excess construction materials, and furniture manufacturing scraps. The colored dye is industry standard and not found to be harmful to plantings, animals, or humans. This mulch has little growing nutrient value and should be used for aesthetic purposes only. It is recommended to allow the dye on this mulch to be dried and "set-in" by the sun before being exposed to watering or rain. It is recommended NOT to spread this mulch when rain is in the immediate forecast. In addition, take care when working with the staining properties of the dye around concrete sidewalks and driveways.

Certified Playground Mulch

An engineered wood fiber that ensures the health and safety of the playground users and equipment. Blonde in color with some brown undertones. No smell. Good texture and consistency. ASTM certified.

Pine Straw Bales

Pine Straw helps to insulate roots from temperature extremes, helps to prevent weeds from taking hold, and allows water to filter into the soil. 10"-12" average needle length. Our supplier provides hand raked, hand compressed, and hand tied 13"x15"x28" bales. They estimate initial coverage to be 45 sqft/bale at 2 1/2" deep. Additional applications approximately 80 sqft/bale. (Call for availability)

Growing Compost

Composed of broken-down and dark aged hardwood mulch, leaves, and other "earth" material, this finely ground compost is great for your gardening beds and adding fertilizer to your soil. If you are wanting an even more organic compost, check out our vendor's Moo-Poo mix. Each is served up in the same scoop as our Mulch Materials, but yields closer to 3/4 of a cubic yard, or approx. 21cuft.

Moo-Poo Compost

Similar to the Growing Compost with the added oomph of cow and chicken manure.

Top Soil

Native top soil hauled in and processed through our grinder to make it more "workable". Stored in a large enclosed storage bin to keep its workability year-round. One scoop yields approx. 3/4 of a cubic yard and can weigh close to a ton.

Evergreen Bagged Mulches